1. Posted by arantzagarcia04, — Reply

    First one was like like ‘W A T E R’ in that loud instructional video voice, while the second was all sensual and shit with sirens and mermaids singing in the background

  2. Posted by istealbones, — Reply

    The first one was a monotonous ᴡᴀᴛᴇʀ and the second one is a gorgeous, flowing female voice saying ωåтєɾ

  3. Posted by BigHeadTinyBucket, — Reply

    I read them both in an American accent You don't understand I'm Australian with an Australian/British accent

  4. Posted by karennrrose, — Reply

    Omg that was so true! When I read the first one I was like...water, but when I read the second one I was like WATer 💦!

  5. Posted by shalomty3, — Reply

    Water.. waaatterrr

  6. Posted by carameldumdum, — Reply

    I said the first one in a normal voice and the second one in a dramatic soap opera voice 😂

  7. Posted by emi_sketches_02, — Reply

    I said it normally and then like in a Phil Lesterish way

  8. Posted by maddiesuestearm, — Reply

    The second voice sounded more like Morgan freeman

  9. Posted by amy12449, — Reply

    One was just water and the other was like in a sophisticated hushed voice "water"

  10. Posted by lillianmarieodo, — Reply

    water Whãtēr

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