Super Quick Spaghetti Carbonara Recipe


Make sure to REPIN this recipe Have you ever had a carbonara before? It is so lovely - if you did not know there is egg in the mix - but it like coats the


  1. Posted by cotncndygrl, — Reply

    Grew up on this...however....we uses 1lb bacon 4 eggs noodles of course 1 cup parmesan and salt peper....mix fresh eggs in bowel add pamesan salt peper ..set aside cook noodles and bacon.....wait for noodles to cool a lil bit if u dont u get scrambled eggs...add bacon....add sauce....mix eat...yummo

  2. Posted by rogersmary900, — Reply

    Made this and also added shrimp which i sauteed first in a tablespoon of butter and olive oil combined. Then when mixing all ingredients together I added about two to three drops of liquid a Smokey taste... DELICIOUS...Thanks and was my first time making.👍⭐⭐⭐👍

  3. Posted by ambieaf, — Reply

    This was ok. First time making spaghetti carbonara. Currently living in Italy and restaurant style spaghetti carbonara is delicious. This recipe was good..not great. I used more bacon than the recipe called for and I used all the spaghetti water I put to the side to keep it from thickening.

  4. Posted by HippieAsh13, — Reply

    I forgot to take a picture before devouring this, it was delicious and super simple to make. I will make it again.

  5. Posted by nikisonja, — Reply

    My favorite Carbonara Recipe!

  6. Posted by dawnmslye, — Reply

    Yum. So good and easy!!!

  7. Posted by jdl785, — Reply

    We doubled it and it was delicious! My kids both ate huge helpings!

  8. Posted by raquelinkansas, — Reply

    Not bad, may make again. Cheap!

  9. Posted by allygram79, — Reply

    Super easy and delicious!!

  10. Posted by ashleyhaugh, — Reply

    quick and yummy!

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