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  1. Posted by kicokinocartoon, — Reply

    For the people who WANT to find out. You can also read the following out loud. The result will be the same :"I am a penis." I love who ever design this :D

  2. Posted by CurrentlyJjbaobsessed, — Reply

    I got it before i said the whole thing good thing i got it or else my family would've been horrified finding out im not the good little Christian boy i seem to be

  3. Posted by ansh_sucks, — Reply

    i said the whole thing out loud like an idiot. if my dad heard it would be the fucking end of me. thanks, you almost ruined my year. 😍

  4. Posted by s0phiA_, — Reply

    Apparently I’m even dumber cuz I just stared at it for a solid thirty seconds wondering what “Eye-map-ness” is supposed to mean

  5. Posted by mariann4829, — Reply

    Ha ha weee, lord lord. Ha ha. My smart DUM. Rump. Didn’t get it. Until I read the quotes here. Ha Ha Like. Snoop dog 🐕 says. For sho 🥰😍

  6. Posted by ThiholyNut, — Reply

    “Thinks for five minutes” hmmm... eye m-a-p ness... looks in comments ohhhhhhhhhhh! That makes sense

  7. Posted by iancomtois, — Reply

    This is quite similar to other tricks I recognize from my youth. Studying and repetition really do help!

  8. Posted by Foxsinger39, — Reply

    Pfft I didn't even get it for like 20 minutes 😅😂 I kept thinking "my map-ness"

  9. Posted by desilu7778, — Reply

    I just did this with three of my other siblings in the room. Thank goodness no one was trying to listen

  10. Posted by Lovewhomever, — Reply

    I said this out loud in the truck and my dad looked at me and just said "what the f*ck". 😂😂😂 it was great👌

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