Malvern Ashton Summer House


The Malvern Ashton Summer house is available from GBC Group, delivery and installation are included as standard.


  1. Posted by broncoapg, — Reply

    Lovely place for a quiet bible study❤️🙏🏾

  2. Posted by dvossplate, — Reply

    Doors that open wide with accordion honges

  3. Posted by sonjia456, — Reply

    So peaceful

  4. Posted by Heattierae, — Reply

    Love this 🥰

  5. Posted by sewinglace4u, — Reply

    I want one for my sewing room

  6. Posted by msnancylgonzale, — Reply

    Secluded and peaceful 😇

  7. Posted by LAVENDERMILKYWAY, — Reply

    Relaxing spots

  8. Posted by merymusic1, — Reply

    French doors

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