Just How to Stop Seeming Like a Failure And Always Feel Like a Champion


1: Obtain a vision If you seem like you are lost or falling back, then one of the quickest means to get back on track is to obtain a clear vision of where yo...


  1. Posted by Musically_Active, — Reply

    Okay, yeah sure. There's absolutely no way that this is true. I think about ppl from my school who probably don't even know I exist. And by "ppl" I mean my "crush". Impossible.

  2. Posted by reedevrette, — Reply

    That's compleat bullshit(excuse my french)I'm sorry but if they really thought of me as much as I do them there is no way I would have spent the last god damn 7 months trying to deal with separation anxiety and touch starvation because how can one think of another that much and never try to see them even once???

  3. Posted by mariedefor, — Reply

    also i just wanna say that, all you need to do is wait, don’t sell yourself out, done purposely put yourself out there. ;) don’t force a fake personality, and most importantly don’t fake liking somebody, it can really hurt someone, so just be honest. and i promise somebody will come and somebody does see you even if you don’t see them!

  4. Posted by Karah103, — Reply

    I wish this were true. All I do is think about a certain person. How they made me feel, how they laughed and cried. For one time I would like to know that I made an impact on them as much as they made an impact on me.

  5. Posted by emmalou142406, — Reply

    id love to agree with this but daniel seavey has been on my mind for years and he doesnt even now im alive

  6. Posted by imanistockbauer, — Reply

    Nope don’t believe it. Sry but there is just no way, the guy that’s always on my mind is thinking about me too

  7. Posted by Jwrite0720, — Reply

    The person on my mind that I can’t stop thinking abt just dumped me today

  8. Posted by raerae3215, — Reply

    well he on my mind 24/7 so unless i’m on his mind all the time i doubt this is true

  9. Posted by Misshades16, — Reply

    LOL , same girl. I wish this was true but it isn't.

  10. Posted by sunflxxwer, — Reply

    this is so inaccurate

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