Greek Chickpea Salad (Two Easy Steps) - Little Broken


Create this beloved Greek chickpea salad right at home! It's loaded with delicious fresh vegetables and zesty honey lemon dressing. Made in two easy steps.


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    Personal life: I try very hard each day to eat plant-based foods in order to avoid eating processed or animal products that damage our environment.

  2. Posted by tasstemadee, — Reply

    These are so yummy!! Left out feta but added sliced black olives, artichoke hearts and a very small shallot.

  3. Posted by jlcar1256, — Reply

    This was deelish!! Will make again,, dressing was a lovely balance of acidity and sweet !!

  4. Posted by Megounista, — Reply

    Looks so yummy. I loove this salad, It was long time I have not made it. Thanks a lot 😀

  5. Posted by jerry4619lynngm, — Reply

    Se antojan mucho, bien decoraditas. Con galletitas o, tostada's. Yummy

  6. Posted by MakeAheadAppetizerRecipess, — Reply

    Greek Chickpea Salad (Two Easy Steps) - Little Broken :)

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    Greek salad recipe with chickpeas and arugula

  9. Posted by lam1419, — Reply

    Good recipe!

  10. Posted by WoZyZy, — Reply

    this is the great one

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