Galería Joker


En este libro estaré subiendo imágenes del shipp del joker de Joaquín Phoenix y del joker de Heath Ledger. Ninguna de las imágenes mostradas aquí me pertenece...


  1. Posted by XaidaMoonshadow, — Reply

    What a beautiful way to honor Heath and Joaquin. I think both would have done well in a film swap because both actors really tapped into the grit of insanity.

  2. Posted by shijin1, — Reply

    That's awesome 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  3. Posted by thehatter02, — Reply

    The perfect couple! to completely fuck Gotham city

  4. Posted by angelos0237, — Reply

    Deep Meaning Burning money From sarcastic Joker to Broken

  5. Posted by maatjensmarly, — Reply

    This is so cool 😯

  6. Posted by Rosece1, — Reply


  7. Posted by smroberts184, — Reply

    I want a poster now

  8. Posted by sanjayhansda114, — Reply

    Nice pic

  9. Posted by luvtiwari2217, — Reply

    Me too

  10. Posted by adriaruda00, — Reply


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