Fur Lit Fluffy Pink Seat Cover 1 seat


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  1. Posted by awri7943, — Reply

    I love this ❤️ just the only problem is, if you spill like your smoothie or milkshake- imagine how long I’d take to clean up 😓

  2. Posted by mattnreagan0705, — Reply

    The only prob with this is that when you sit in them for so long they start to look really bad and gross.

  3. Posted by mattnreagan0705, — Reply

    I would highly recommend not getting these. Especially in summer.....

  4. Posted by Sabroadrunner13, — Reply

    Everything abt this is yuck.... winter might be ok but that's it

  5. Posted by vantooradriana, — Reply

    Imagine going on a roadtrip with this thing while it is 90 degrees

  6. Posted by buniotimoisei, — Reply

    Imagine sitting on that in the summer

  7. Posted by Ssuccubitchh, — Reply

    Just gonna drift asleep and swivel into oncoming traffic

  8. Posted by sandwichmakingqzeen69, — Reply

    This is cute but one spilled drink and it’s over lol

  9. Posted by kaikkionvarattu666, — Reply

    Imagine bleeding through your pants on these

  10. Posted by henlee2452, — Reply

    Love that!!!!!

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