Funny I survived toilet paper crisis 2020 big large 15 ounce capacity coffee cup mug TP shortage humor gag gift white elephant co-worker



  1. Posted by morgansbbgirl, — Reply

    Hey guys! I have worked super hard on my account!! I am doing a self battle to see if I can get 500 by the end of 2020! Thank you amazing people! I'm up to 75!! Thank you lovely people!!

  2. Posted by darellrajagukguk, — Reply

    Not all countries use toilet paper. I'm am Indonesian and only a few people use toilet paper

  3. Posted by bananaokane44, — Reply

    not so soon.....

  4. Posted by hisamioshima, — Reply

    Bold of you to assume anyone will survive.

  5. Posted by crab_crab, — Reply

    Not yet

  6. Posted by alexistwaddle06, — Reply

    a little soon...

  7. Posted by confuseddurgon, — Reply

    This should be one of those I Survived books

  8. Posted by brysonfledderman, — Reply

    Dont count your chickens before they hatch

  9. Posted by livingsmart47, — Reply

    No shit eh? Survival is good!

  10. Posted by gydasi, — Reply

    It hasn't ended yet :D

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