Fundamentals of Nursing 17 Page Bundle


This Study Guide bundle is 17 Pages full of information to help you succeed in you Fundamentals of Nursing course. It's a great deal as it includes over a $40.00 value of study guides, some of which are for sale at a price of $2-4 alone in my shop. -----------> If you already own some of the pages in this guide I can send you a one-time use coupon*** Most of the information is based off of Perry & Potter Fundamentals of Nursing Textbook and ATIs Fundamentals for Nursing eBook Pages Included - Origins of Nursing - The Interprofessional Team - Health Care Delivery - Nursing Ethics and Law - Nutrition - Safety and PPE - Medical Terminology and Abbreviations - Basic Human Needs - The Nursing Process - Fluid and Electrolyte Imbalances - Basic Pharmacology and Medication Administration (3 pages) - Blood Transfusions - IV Therapy (2 pages) - Documenting and Reporting You purchase will include a 17 page .pdf and word document download For more info, send a message or email [email protected] Happy Studying!!