Fringe Bangs


Fringe Bangs - “We also will be seeing a ton of fringe bangs with strong corners and even a soft center part with playful textured haircuts,” says Lorean Cairns, Creative Director Fox & Jane Salon. Image via


  1. Posted by floodedlungs, — Reply

    People talking crap about the girl like...did it occur to anyone that maybe this was a private photo / Instagram shot that got reposted without permission? Y’all Wanna talk about class and being tacky, when you’re being rude to a random who was just trying to have fun omg

  2. Posted by gianna_b, — Reply

    y’all are being so damn extra it’s 2019. she could be doing A LOT worse than sticking out her tounge 🙄

  3. Posted by cazann23, — Reply

    Shame the tacky horrible pose ruined the lovely hair. Girl needs to get style !!

  4. Posted by odetosophia, — Reply

    oh my god shes so pretty im very gay

  5. Posted by maggiekann, — Reply

    This pose is tacky she looks ridiculous. It’s not sexy

  6. Posted by aestheticboards101, — Reply

    You look so cute girl😘

  7. Posted by ameliebenny, — Reply

    I recut my fringe

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