59 Funny Memes To Make Your Day


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  1. Posted by BrightSpirit76, — Reply

    I did this But with sour patch watermelon in my social studies class and gave it to one person and soon the class was on me like a pack of wolves

  2. Posted by itsme_aesthetic, — Reply

    90% of people marry their 7th grade crush.since your reading this you will get good news tonight. Post this to nine other posts or the worst week of your life starts now.in 53 min your crush will realize they love you

  3. Posted by jazzy110308, — Reply

    Me and my friend are doing a challenge to see who can get the most followers in a month. The loser has to delete there Pinterest account and there favorite game. Please help me!

  4. Posted by iamaseelalq, — Reply

    Hey guys! I was hoping you could check out my account. It’s filled with good pins (especially for people who love to laugh) (And for people who are looking for hacks) I would really mean a lot to me if you followed me. Thx for your time!

  5. Posted by pluff1452, — Reply

    One time in fifth grade, a classmate of mine saw me chewing gum and came from the opposite side of the classroom just for a piece of gum. Wow. Just wow.

  6. Posted by flanders07, — Reply

    A friend of mine gave me a box of sour patch kids and my whole class asked for some I ended up eating like 4 of them lol

  7. Posted by lesliemontalvo47, — Reply

    This is why I usually put the pack of gum beside me and sneak it into my mouth quickly.

  8. Posted by claireb206, — Reply

    Also when you bring a bag or box of treats to teachers in class😂

  9. Posted by rachelleannecheatham, — Reply

    I'm that quiet kid who brings gum with me everyday

  10. Posted by aaronbez2004, — Reply

    'I'll be your best friend'

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