49 Stunning Envy Inducing Private Outdoor Spaces


Entertaining friends and family are used to be held in the confines of the indoor living room. Nowadays, the fashion is to bring the entertaining to your private outdoors. Indeed, it is cool to entertain people outside. The cool breeze, the sight of the pool and the sweet smell of fresh garden blooms can quickly …


  1. Posted by kanmosh76, — Reply

    We did this in our garage. Works great.

  2. Posted by mariejax68, — Reply

    Can’t go wrong with use of a pallet or two

  3. Posted by lambieandbellybutton, — Reply

    Do all the tools fall over to one side?

  4. Posted by katkrim9395, — Reply

    Need to make it lower, too heigh

  5. Posted by i4kfc10, — Reply

    I think that’s pretty neat!!

  6. Posted by Freefallling, — Reply

    Ingenious idea, thank you!

  7. Posted by mahasejia, — Reply

    👍...I’m gonna try this

  8. Posted by destynatoczylowska, — Reply

    Pomysłowo :-)

  9. Posted by ggilliland53, — Reply

    Very cool

  10. Posted by peggywolter73, — Reply


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