It ain't stupid if it works


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  1. Posted by AlexK639, — Reply

    Do you guys like, not have area codes? I mean there's 2 3-digit numbers at the beginning of any phone number in Saskatchewan and it's not hard to you were having a conversation with that person to realise they are local or not.

  2. Posted by ajcage24, — Reply

    The first one works the others aren’t working for me but the one that works is soooo funny.

  3. Posted by courtnic16, — Reply

    The rejection hotline is awesome

  4. Posted by chelsea_drye, — Reply

    8304765664 plays all star it’s soooo funny

  5. Posted by artsygiselle, — Reply

    I tried them but only the first one works at the moment. Still helpful anyways

  6. Posted by jadynswan4438, — Reply

    I tried the rejection one for fun and it’s HILARIOUS 😂

  7. Posted by annaandcookie, — Reply

    They should make a hotline that Rick rolls you

  8. Posted by johnsonsydnee, — Reply

    So.i did the first one and some women picked up

  9. Posted by BananaBread777, — Reply

    Awesome. This is exactly what I need.

  10. Posted by IndigoChimera, — Reply

    First one is not available, tried 2 times

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