23 Pictures That Pretty Much Sum Up 2015


Technology giveth and taketh away. Mostly giveth.


  1. Posted by evaeroh0322, — Reply

    No it’s not like that for me When my friends give me there phones I instantly take a bunch of selfies and then they kill me This is the reason they don’t give me there phone anymore

  2. Posted by leannajane2, — Reply

    I’m not like this with my friends but when my parents look through my phone I get scared they are gonna find something I don’t want them to see😂

  3. Posted by Hazel_Levesque_Roleplay, — Reply

    and me praying to every god/goddess i can think of that the person doesn't check my tik tok,watt-pad,camera roll, or search history.

  4. Posted by allycutie500, — Reply

    One time I gave a friend my phone because she wanted to look something up and somehow got to my browser and found my yaoi addiction let's just say she never thought the same about me again. Now I will never give anyone my phone😓😓😓😓😓

  5. Posted by spwmspwm, — Reply

    Hate when I’m texting with a friend about smoking or some shit and my mom wants me to show her something totally unrelated on my phone

  6. Posted by karlylove1230, — Reply

    hey peaches!!! Me and my bestie are doing a stupid challenge and we are trying to see who can get more followers during our sleepover so if y’all can help me out and help me beat her 😂 tysmmmm love you so much!!! 💗🥰

  7. Posted by dipshit420AAAAAA, — Reply

    I barely trust my parents with my phone because they get so offended over barely anything! My mom believes I shouldn’t get rights until I’m 18

  8. Posted by karynn2008, — Reply

    Ok I’m bought to tell you a secret go to lookmovies.ag if you click on something it’s going to send you to a random website but click out click on the thing you want and enjoy 😘

  9. Posted by iloveryouwu, — Reply

    My friend took my phone out of my backpack so I took form her she was trying to read my text message and the things is my text message are from my mom I cannot have her read that because of her family issues going on she did that a other time me and her aren’t close enough for me to do that I only I have one close friend

  10. Posted by weirdofangirl01, — Reply

    And then open wattpad after I told her that it was and app for reading and writing new books but I just read and write fanfiction

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