20 Borax cleaning hacks you will wish you knew sooner


Borax is an awesome cleaner for almost everything in the home from countertop to the toughest stains on your dish cloths, from the floor to the bathtub and toilet bowl in your bathroom, and all your outside furniture. Borax is mostly known for enhancing the power of laundry detergent but here are more than 20 ways to use borax in your home. #borax #cleaninghacks #boraxcleaninghacks #hacks #tipandtricks


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    Don’t forget that using a cup of borax and a capful Calvin water softener in the travel trailer toilet and follow with 3 gallons of hot water. It will break down all the sewage and make it super easy to drain. I empty mine once a week and there’s never a clog.

  2. Posted by choicemorsels, — Reply

    Borax is very drying to skin on hands. Wear protective gloves before scrubbing with it bare-handed.

  3. Posted by heatherw1855, — Reply

    But I want my tips to be smart, not stupid.

  4. Posted by twhiffin, — Reply

    Is borax safe to use with a septic system?

  5. Posted by swetarshukla, — Reply

    I tried to clean mold but it didn’t work☹️

  6. Posted by carolinagirl47, — Reply

    Clorox Bleach will clean mold. If yo

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    Can't close adds, not worth it

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    whats Calvin water softner

  9. Posted by hillsharon939, — Reply

    Bgg h

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    where I used to live the closets and baseboards in bedroom all black mold. opened windows put fans on and mask with gloves 1/4 water 3/4 bleach or straight bleach get a good size scrubbing sponge then go to town i did this then clean bucket b hot water rinse let it Dry while drying go to hardware or walmart get a gallon of Kiltx paint this over it never have mold again did this lived there for 12 years people there now said nothing there

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